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Runaki Introduces Shadow Spy Software


(Gurgaon, India)— India-based software company Runaki Technology announced the introduction of their Shadow Spy software. Designed to be used on a smartphone or tablet, the Shadow Spy application gives employers and parents the power to monitor their employees or underage children as they use a mobile device.

A representative of Shadow Spy commented, “Smartphones and tablets have opened up a whole new world of personal technology that allows people around the globe to connect instantly and on a very intimate level. While these advances in technology can provide more opportunity for business and personal growth, it has also presented dangers that were not previously present.”

The representative continued, “Now, parents have to worry about Teen Safe, child safety, while employers are raising concerns about lost productivity among their workforce. Our software aims to solve problems like this, putting parents and employers back in control.”

Shadow Spy is compatible with all Android devices running like Gingerbread or a newer operating system. Requiring only an internet connection for data transfer, the application works regardless of the cellular carrier network or the location of the device being monitored. Shadow Spy runs in full stealth mode and is completely undetectable by the person using the device. All monitoring logs are updated instantly.

For those concerned about pricing, Shadow Spy offers several packages with a range of costs suitable to any parent’s or employer’s budget. The features of each package depend on the needs of the user, allowing them to choose the subscription length that’s right for them. All packages include the use of all of Shadow Spy’s Child monitoring, mobile spy, and Go Live features.

As the Shadow Spy representative went on to say, “Having access to applications that allow for parental control,employee monitoring, and mobile device logging is a must in the digital age in which we live. With the increased threat to safety and productivity comes an increased need to keep track of what employees and children are doing on their mobile devices. In turn, parents and employers will enjoy greater peace of mind as they go about their day.”

About Runaki:

Runaki Technology are the makers of Shadow Spy, a leading mobile application designed for monitoring employees or underage children on a smartphone or tablet. The application runs in stealth mode and silently monitors device activities, including but not limited to call history logs, text messages tracking, GPS location tracking, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger chat monitoring, key stroke logging, notification logging and more.


The Best Advice About Games I’ve Ever Written

What to Expect from a Mobile Games Publisher. As a gamer, you can get to enjoy a game more when it is bugless, for any other normal user, most never note that the game even has the bugs, therefore, when designing a game, get to always make sure that you can be able to put into consideration both the gamers and also the non-gamers thus being able to give them something marvelous. When looking to make a magnificent game, you have to make sure that it can be able to relate with each and every gamer available, that is, consider both the non-gamers and also the gamers thus being able to ensure that you can be able to satisfy all the parties. A mobile games publisher will, therefore, get to ensure that you can be able to achieve your dream as a developer, that is, you can get to ensure that you have built a game that everyone can be able to relate and love, something that your clients can be able always to enjoy having on their phones at all times. However, as a designer, it might be easy for you to come up with something, but getting to ensure that it can become successful, it will not be easy doing it by yourself, that is, you can never at any given time be able to create a game and get to test the available bugs by yourself, it is just impossible. Therefore, a mobile games publisher will get to make sure that your game can be able to satisfy your clients, that is, having to check out each and every aspect of the game thus being able to make sure that also the available application stores can get to accept the game. With the use of a mobile games publisher, you will be able to ensure that you can learn about all the bugs available for your games, more so, you get to make sure that you can get to attain your dream which is to have numerous downloads of the game, you achieve this by getting to provide your clients with a bug free game.
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Mobile games publishers can be readily accessed no matter the city you are in, in Singapore, you can be able to find a few by simply making use of the internet whereby you can be able to ensure that your game can be keenly evaluated thus getting to make it amazing. With the use of a mobile games publisher, you also get to market your game further and also ensure that your game can be published on the app store or even the play store thus being able to be available to all gamers.Figuring Out Resources

If You Think You Get Logins, Then This Might Change Your Mind

The Benefits of Using Google Docs for Your Documents On how we are using our computers today, Google docs is a software that has truly changed and revolutionized this aspect. With Google docs, you are able to store and edit data online, and moreover, it is a service offered for free by Google. Real time editing and viewing documents is made possible with Google docs, and not only that, you can do it with your friends, colleagues, or associates. Among the wide variety of editing applications Google docs offers are word, spreadsheet, and presentation making softwares. Google’s word processing application allows you to share memos, articles and documents with your colleagues and workmates. Along with your colleagues and workmates, Google docs, with its spreadsheet application, allows you to edit company reports and financial statements, as well as data that concerns budget with your company. Truly, Google docs has made sharing files easier, and has taken document processing a step higher. You may ask yourself, why should I use Google docs? First and foremost, using Google docs is relatively low cost. Most document sharing applications and websites out there do not allow you to use their services for free, but instead charge you a price for their services> With Google docs, using their services are free, and you can edit and process your documents and spreadsheets for free, in real time. And that is another perk of using Google docs, it’s real time feature. When you use Google docs properly, you are able to save the hassle of sending and editing multiple files with your colleagues, and this allows you to avoid file mismanagement. For example, if you are a project manager and you want your associates to submit files to you so you can edit and proofread them. In using Google docs, you are avoided the hassle because you and your colleague could just submit, upload, edit and view documents in real time on each of your accounts. The corrections made can then be applied to the document you viewed by your associate. This avoids you the hassle of producing a lot of draft documents and edited files that are sent back and forth between you and your workmate. The security of your files is also something you should not worry about with Google docs. This is because a nifty feature Google docs offers is the ability to edit the security option of your files, specifically who you choose to edit, view and share you and your associate’s files. What’s more, Google docs is very user friendly for the average user, if you have knowledge of how to use document processing software such as those by Microsoft, then Google docs is as easy to use.

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If You Think You Get Logins, Then This Might Change Your Mind

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Advantage Of Google Docs Technology has become so advanced and the products it produce has really help the world especially the use of the computer but there is also one thing that has made using the computer much easier and that is Google Docs, it has become a very important factor in today’s advancement. Redundancy is the major goal of google, they aim to get rid of that annoying thing. Doing things again and again will be very stressful especially for school works, the teacher will have to check dozens of paper works before, this can be very tiring for the teacher because it can be very slow at times compared to today where students and teachers use google docs for these online assignments, the ability to link the file of the student so that the teacher can point out some corrections will make it easier because the student will not have to print the paper over and over again every after correction of the teacher and the teacher on the other hand will not be checking any pointless paper and instead he or she will just be waiting for the final paper. Google docs will be the link between teacher and student. The tasks that were sent in google docs will be able to allow the teacher to check it from there. This will help the teacher check the paper easily and send it back to the student with the required corrections. The copy of the drafts will multiply but it will not burden anyone because there are no print outs. Having drafts printed out will be very costly for the student and troublesome for the teacher, imagine handling hundreds of papers. After the draft editing the final paper will also kill the teacher in checking them because they will be so many edits. Checking that many paper will be very problematic for the teacher and waste of energy and time for the students. Online documents stored in google docs will allow you to save more time and space for other things. The files in google docs will be seen by the teacher and he or she can edit some of the needed edits real time. There is less hassle for the teacher in creating documents for each of her or his students. These online documents will serve as the students place to pass their work. After passing the online document the teacher can view them real time and put some changes if needed. This will save the trouble of looking for the paper that the student passed, the online document the student passed will be stored in his or her specific document. The case studies of 30 people will not result into 120 copies but instead the files will be stored in the online document thanks to google docs.A Brief Rundown of Spreadsheets

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Use a Language Translation Service to Boost the Number of Your Business Contacts

Simply no person, or simply region, pertaining to that issue, will be able to occur as an island within our contemporary modern society. Individuals everywhere rely on each other. They will buy products or services coming from one another, watch one another’s backs and with each other flesh out a complete community. Some people tend to be doctors, some educators plus some librarians. People are butchers, cooks and candlestick designers. Simply as people depend upon the other person, thus do the many areas on the planet. The only problem is usually that the people in most of these various nations need to be in the position to communicate with the other to be in a position to work with one another in the numerous projects that men and women take part in. Whilst some people can communicate a few terms in a dialect aside from their particular local vocabulary, few are qualified to read and write as fluently as do local people.

Even so, whenever someone is attempting to be able to execute business with an individual abroad, and the deficit of any common terminology is a stumbling block, they frequently require help. Usually, they need the aid of a interpretation company. Things such as birth certifications, marriage papers, wills, resumes and more might be translated easily. For instance, no matter if you need chinese to english translation toronto, russian to english translation toronto, english to french translation toronto or even any other language translation entirely, almost all that is needed is to actively call a firm such as Translate Canada ( for a quotation.

All kinds of paperwork can be translated. Moreover, all details of an order could be dealt with over the world wide web, as well as quotations pertaining to specific documents, plus payments. There’s no need to mail in real uncommon and even precious papers. Scans, pdfs and photos are typically appropriate approaches to submit papers that require interpretation. You are able to end up having your current health care information and written records, legal papers, business letters, websites, specialized papers plus much more all converted from your indigenous terminology into the language of the desired readers. It is usually possible for anyone to get old letters, paperwork, records and stuff like that which are in another dialect and now have them all changed to enable you to read each of them with your local vocabulary. Moreover, the actual service is reasonable priced!